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About the project

There are many buildings and complexes we consider valuable and worth preserving also for future generations. Some of these are officially protected as monuments while some others are simply loved by the locals or even by visitors. However, a good number of these sites have already lost their original function. It is always a serious question how to find money to conserve or renovate these structures and how to fill them with new life. Here we collect successful examples for built heritage re-use: cases when someone was able to find a suitable new function for a valuable building or building complex which now benefits the local or broader community. If you know about such a site in your neighborhood or you see something you like during your travels, please share it with us and contribute to the collection. We believe that the result of our common enterprise will inspire professionals working in the field, offer ideas for travelers, and entertain everyone interested in the creative and sustainable reuse of old buildings.

 Who are we?

The project was created by Volodymyr Kulikov and Dora Merai, researchers in the Cultural Heritage Studies Program at Central European UniversityCentral European University is a graduate-level university in the heart of Central Europe –  Budapest and Vienna – where faculty and students from more than 100 countries come to engage in interdisciplinary education, pursue advanced scholarship, and address some of society’s most vexing problems. The Cultural Heritage Studies MA Program offers a hands-on, thorough academic training that prepares future heritage experts and practitioners with a critical understanding of the historical, social, policy and management aspects of tangible, intangible, and environmental heritage.

The idea of this collection came from the OpenHeritage project in which we, with our fifteen partner organizations, create inclusive governance and management models for adaptive heritage re-use and a supportive toolbox applicable under various circumstances.

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